Get your working with children check in New South Wales:

Obtaining a Working with children check (WWCC) in NSW is a 2-step process. There is a fee involved for paid & self-employed work that must be paid prior to receiving your WWCC number. The NSW WWCC is valid for 5 years.

Step 1: Apply online through the office of the children’s guardian website (or fast-track by doing it at a Service NSW branch in person). You will require 4 forms of ID:

  • one commencement of identity document (such as a passport, birth certificate or immigration card)
  • one primary use in the community document (such as a drivers license or proof of age card)
  • 2 secondary use in the community documents (such as a medicare card and bank statement)

Once you have completed the online form you will receive an email with a temporary application number – hold on to this, you’ll need it for step 2.

You can fast-track your application by applying directly at Service NSW – in this case you do not need to apply online, just take your ID documents to your local Service NSW branch and complete the process in person.

Step 2: Go to a Service NSW branch near you, present all forms of ID listed in your application (don’t forget to bring them all!) and pay the fee. No reservation is required at Service NSW.

The National Police Check can take up to 4 weeks to process – but is usually processed in 48 hours. Once approved you will receive a WWCC number which can be shared with and verified by those that require it.

For additional support in applying for a working with children check in NSW, you can contact the WWCC Customer Service Team on 8219 3777, or email